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E-Book—Six Steps to Hiring A Winning Sales Team

Personal DNA testing continues to be one of the most talked about gifts. With the United States still a relatively young country, Americans have an insatiable curiosity for clues into their ancestral past. No different, I couldn’t resist the temptation.

Just like the 23andMe® commercial suggests, it turns out my lineage is not exactly as I anticipated. I thought it would show my ancestry was a bit more diverse.

In the end—like many—I found the experience to be an interesting discovery, but there’s not much I cando with the information. Personal DNA testing is only a snapshot of what makes us—us. Nothing will ever change our DNA. It’s literally our unique genetic code.

This eBook, however, refers to Corporate DNA—and this type of DNA isn’t static. It can (and often does) change, because what it really references is organizational culture.

Culture starts as a top-down driven initiative set by the founder of the organization. It’s a combination ofthe organization’s vision, mission and values. Every policy, procedure and hiring decision made either strengthens an organization’s DNA or it mutates it.

Let’s dive into some ways you can identify your organization’s corporate DNA, and how you can reliablyhire sales people who will consistently support it.

When building a high-performance, sales-driven culture, there’s no doubt that every employee contributes to success. But your sales team is especially important as they drive top-line revenue. In this super-speed, transformational era, we can’t afford to make many hiring mistakes on our sales teams, especially if we want to grow.

With such high stakes, wouldn’t it be nice to have real insight into a candidate’s ability to fit within the culture and have the right skills and behavioral traits to succeed in a sales role? Fortunately, we can.

Why is it that the most successful sales people sometimes make the worst hiring decisions?

It’s not that they don’t understand what skills and behaviors are required for the role, rather they struggleto objectively evaluate candidates. As it turns out, senior managers, recruiters and human resources staff struggle too.

Hiring right is often a challenge for everyone.

Let’s review the three reasons why this very human process of selecting the right sales people is often riddled with risk.