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Property Management

Hire Right by Understanding and Being Able to Determine the Key Qualities You Need For Property Managers and Leasing Agents.

Today’s property managers and leasing agents, whether residential or commercial, are responsible for everything from maintaining maximum rental capacity to collecting deposit and rent payments to coordinating maintenance and other operational issues to keep properties in peak condition.

But in order to hire the highest quality property managers and leasing specialists who will create the type of property management firm excellence you want, you need to know which characteristics to look for in each role.  You also need to be able to determine if you are hiring individuals who have those characteristics.

Increase your hiring success and minimize unnecessary turnover by using a pre-hire assessment that benchmarks the key traits of the ideal employee and measures applicants against it.

Relying on behavioral-based interviews and reference checks produces less than desirable results. But when combined with using a more scientific approach to predicting job fit for property managers and leasing agents, your odds of selecting the right employee is increased many times over.

Key challenges of staffing for the property management industry:
  • Hiring and retaining best-in-class, engaged employees who provide top-grade customer service and maintain properties to the highest standard
  • High turnover – up to 40 percent per year may be typical, which affects future growth and long-term profitability
  • Hiring people whose career goals and personality matches your culture
  • Shortage of college-educated, professional talent willing to work long-term, and a way to get them interested and keep them interested in property management careers
Who makes a great property manager?
  • A high energy, independent manager who can navigate multiple tasks and make quick decisions.
  • Strong negotiator who is comfortable collecting rent payments from tenants, as well as initiating the collection process as necessary.
Who makes a successful leasing agent?
  • An attentive, service-oriented personality who can motivate potential renters to submit a leasing application by earning their trust
  • Pays due attention to detail so that rental agreements, credit and background checks and applicant screening are done properly so as to minimize risk to the property owner

Learn how our assessments can help you hire, retain and develop successful property managers and leasing agents.