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Service-based industries

Selecting employees who have the potential to rise from an entry-level position to the c-suite is an ideal succession strategy for many businesses.

Future hiring is a strategy used by many organizations that are able to accurately plan and forecast growth and subsequent talent needs. Sometimes these organizations are in a very niche industry and require specialized talent that takes years of training before employees become effective. And, other times, these are organizations that aren’t able to offer the most competitive compensation packages to entry-level employees, so the promise of advancement aids recruiters in competing in a shrinking candidate pool.

Maximize recruiting and HIRING SUCCESS by identifing candidates who will succeed within your organization long term.

Interviews and reference checks alone aren’t likely to produce desirable results when the goal is to hire talent who can rise over time. However, by adding a validated assessment tool to the selection process, your chance of predicting job fit for long-term, promotable employees increases significantly. It also gives you information about these employees that is invaluable in developmental training and personal growth, making it a great addition to your leadership development training program.

How do you identify candidates who have the potential to advance to the top? How Do you know what their strengths and challenges are, so you can create targeted developmental programs?
  • Start with assessing your current leaders, which will provide a benchmark of their strongest traits.
  • Use a validated assessment tool to assess candidates against the benchmark. Consider hiring only those who are identified as being a strong match.
  • A proven assessment program will then provide a development plan, which when well executed provides the basis for professional growth.

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