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Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are just some of the great things they’ve said about us. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!


“I’ve worked with Valerie for several years now using the Profile XT “personality assessment” software. The product is fantastic! Check it out if you’re looking for these software tools – or if you aren’t consistently making good hiring decisions.”

— Drew S., Hired Human Capital Advantage for Personality Profile Assessments, 2002/2009


“He engaged Valerie to assist us in developing criteria for hiring new sales people. Valerie spent a considerable amount of time developing a model that we use on everyone we hire. By using the model we are more focused in our hiring and have made fewer mistakes when hiring new people. Valerie is terrific to work with and is always making suggestions to make the process even better. I highly recommend her!”

— Harold L., Hired Human Capital Advantage as Human Resource Consultants, 2003


“I highly recommend Valerie and the Profiles International Assessment and Training System. We no longer struggle to hire the type of person who is a top performer and we have greatly improved the quality of our hires. The Profile takes the guesswork out of matching the right applicant to the right position and has been instrumental in evaluating and coaching existing employees. It is so much more than a hiring tool if you are serious about employee development.”

— Patti T., Hired Human Capital Advantage as Business Consultants, 2003/2009


“Just a quick note to confirm our recent conversation when we reviewed the success of the various projects you’ve implemented within VHI over the past eighteen months. As discussed, our experience with both The Profile and The Checkpoint 360 has been

— VHI Healthcare


“I’d like to thank Profiles International for their excellent work on the case study we have been using with the Lens Care Group. These are the forty-five sales representatives who took a product line from $80,000/month (or a million a year) to $1 million a month in six months. They projected $7 million the first year and ended up at $10.5 million. Sales Director of the Lens Group happily reports that they projected $17 million for 2004 and
will end up the year at $21.5 – 22.0 million!”

— CIBA Vision


“Valerie Oldre has been an invaluable partner, providing solutions for our employee selection , hiring, and management processes.  She is always there for us:  she is The Expert in using assessments for hiring—many times she has prevented us from making costly mistakes—and if we ever go against her advice on the right way to use the assessments to make our decisions, we learn the hard way.   Anyone can provide assessments – but only Valerie has the knowledge and expertise to make sure we get the most out of the information they provide!

Through using her services and the assessments for our sales department, we have been able to increase sales by 30%!  And, productivity of our support staff and team has increased as well! As a side bonus, our management headaches have lessened, so we can get more “real work” done.  

We could not have accomplished this without Valerie’s services, and her ongoing support and advice.  I recommend Valerie highly as a partner in employee selection and management processes.  There are few people who have her knowledge and understanding of how to use assessments in the employee selection and management process, and I know she will be there for us, with the same desire to improve our business as we have.” 

— Insurance Company