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Checkpoint 360°®

The Checkpoint 360°® Management System (CP360) is a 360-degree assessment that evaluates the effectiveness of your managers and leaders, to help them identify and prioritize their own development opportunities.

As a survey, it applies feedback from peers, supervisors, direct reports, and customers to a personalized program for developing leadership skills. Eight universal management competencies are covered in the process: communication, leadership, adaptability, relationships, task management, production, development of others, and personal development.

CP360 reports help you develop and retain high functioning managers and leaders of tomorrow by measuring a participant’s progress in developing leadership qualities and management skills against benchmarks set by other top performers.

Management Report

Useful to the manager and manager’s superiors. Provides a means of measuring a participant’s progress in developing leadership qualities and management skills, as well as indicating developmental and training needs.

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Additional reports generated by the CheckPoint 360 Management System provide a total performance overview. The Executive Overview combines 3+ surveys and speaks to the C-Suite Executives. The Individual Feedback Report helps the manager identify and prioritize their own leadership development, as well as awareness of their strengths and developmental needs. The Comparison Report compares two different surveys, providing the manager information on improvements that have occurred since the first survey, and additional development and leadership skill needs.