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Customer Service Profile™

Measure the potential for success of your customer service workforce. With the Customer Service Profile (CSP) you’ll have data to determine the current fit of employee talent to specific customer service jobs based on attitudes and aptitudes in providing high-quality service.

You’ll make more informed decisions on training for improved quality of service, increased productivity, and repeat business. Along with a general industry version, we offer this assessment with vertical specialties in hospitality, healthcare, financial services, and retail.

Selection Report

Useful to the hiring manager. Helps managers understand the individual’s behavioral characteristics, proficiencies, and service perspective as they prepare for the interview. Also helps understand if the individual aligns with the company’s customer service perspective.

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The Customer Service Profile assessment will generate more helpful reports. The Individual Report is useful for self development.  The Coaching Report is useful for managing and development. The Candidate Report, Company Service Perspective Report and Customer Service Alignment Report also offer insights on how to best measure how aligned your new hires are with your service goals.