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Management & Coaching

Maximize Workforce Potential through Management & Coaching

Based on your needs, Human Capital Advantage will create an expert guided solution to maximize your Workforce Talent and develop your leadership team to independently manage their Workforce Talent Strategy.

How many employees have been unproductive simply because they were “misunderstood” by their manager or supervisor? How many managers or supervisors truly know their co-workers and what makes them tick in order to better manage them for full engagement and productivity?

We’ll help you learn about different employee behaviors, characteristics, wants and needs with a Workforce Talent Strategy that provides objective data from technology-based assessments and expert-guided solutions for effective training, managing and coaching. Understanding your workforce leads to improved management for fully engaged top-functioning employees with higher return on investment results!

We’ll help you better understand, manage, mentor and advance your superstars

Our team will show you when to use assessments and how to apply results to goal-oriented objectives in your Workforce Talent Strategy for managing, developing and mentoring for top performance. We’ll help you identify what skills are needed for each manager to build on to successfully mentor and advance employees. Your assessments based Workforce Talent Strategy will create and implement management and development guides for each employee position to maximize workforce performance.

Management & Coaching Assessments

PXT Select™

Profile Sales Assessment™

Customer Service Profile™

Checkpoint 360® Management System

Profiles Performance Indicator™